House – A Building, Structure or Shelter That Is Home

Till it becomes a dwelling a household stays a household; thus goes a popular saying in reference to the connotations depicted.

A house is a construction that forms a dwelling for people; as it offers stability, comfort, shelter and protection, it becomes a residence to its occupants. A home construction can range between an easy construction for example one thatched roof hut to a big many-roomed mansion or the towering apartment complexes we see now scattering the landscapes of several modern cities.

A home strategy that calls for the social unit of a family or groups of people or families may be called a home.

The word ‘house’ has many connotations.

It’s chiefly derived from the Old English reference ‘hus’ significance shelter or house. In the early Proto Semitic hieroglyphic times, the letter “B” was used as a symbol to depict a home; in various languages, it was called “bayt”, “beth” etc. before becoming “beta” in Greek.

Kinds of substance and contemporary methods of building started to be utilized to construct houses to satisfy individual needs of people who wanted to reside in them, when homes became more than merely a house or shelter from the elements, stylization, fashion, architecture. An average residence contains living, dining, cooking, sleeping, toilet, pantry or utility etc. as well as some external open spaces like a lawn, verandah or portico to enable the house to have an inside-outside feel. Home became an essential element of human lives, transcending the needs for house or a shelter and began to be viewed as investments for financial and economic functions, which makes it a business venture which came to be known as ‘real estate’. Houses are now assembled to accommodate local weather conditions using local materials understood to defy the vagaries of nature; quake-proof, tornado-proof, hurricane-proof, termite-proof, rustproof are several terms used to denote use of substances to reinforce houses.

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