Review Of Pifco 6 In 1 Steam Mop


You can buy the Pifco steam cleaning products to clean your home without spending too much money. In the website, you can find the benefits and reviews of the Pifco steam cleaners for your domestic purpose. Some Pifco steam cleaning tools are briefed here to make you understand about its features and benefits.
Pifco PS001 Multi-Function Steam Cleaner or Pifco 6 in 1 steam mop is the small tool that is easy to purchase even in your tight budget. It has the 1300 motor that heats the water within twenty to thirty seconds. The mop has the power cord with the length of five meter, and the 400 ml water tank allows you to clean the things continuously for 15-17 minutes without any break.
You can use this mop to clean the different things like stained carpets, hard floors, sealed windows, upholstery, blinds, and garments. The mop contains four steaming control buttons that produce steam like low, medium, high and hot spray. You can adjust the control button depending on the surfaces you are cleaning. You can even clean the stove tops, ovens, taps, hobs, grouting and kitchen taps.
The Pifco 6 in 1 steam mop offers versatility, reliability and efficiency. It is assured that using this cleaner 99.9 % of the germs can be cleaned and here comes the product description of Pifco 6 in 1 steam mop. This mop has the floor head with triangular shaped that will clean the hard reachable areas and the angular surfaces.
You have an extendable handle with this mop that enhances the flexibility in cleaning, and a carpet glider will be available to clean the carpets. There are also different brushes available along with this mop that includes hard, soft and angled brushes for cleaning different areas. It also contains many replacement pads for cleaning.
It is a simple process to set the mop for cleaning. First, you need to join the handle with the body and connect the mop head to the body. That’s it! To clean the carpet heads, attach the carpet glider to the forehead. You can toggle between the on and off control to release the steam and stop it. You have both the nylon brush for cleaning the soft surface and the hard brass for cleaning tough surfaces.
The accessories available for this mop include jet nozzle, extension hose, duster, duster pad, window cleaning tool and cloth, round brushes, microfiber pad and carpet glider. You must be very careful in using this mop to avoid any damages. If you have large non-carpet areas to clean, then the tank size of the Pifco 6 in 1 is not suitable for you. The power cord with 1300w is best suitable to clean small areas like bathroom and kitchen, and it is not suitable for cleaning big rooms.
The nylon brush used in this mop will not work well after a couple of months. The Pifco 10 in 1 is the advanced version of the Pifco 6 in 1, and it overcomes all the limitations found in Pifco 6 in 1.

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