Improve On Road Performance With Professional Road Bikes


Road biking has turned into a fitness regime as you find more and more people hitting the roads. Road biking is not just meant for fitness purposes but it also gives you an opportunity to socialize and understand the environment around you. These bikes support decent speed, durability and performance. Once you decide to invest on a road-bike, it is important to ask yourself a few questions on the bike style, purpose of the bike, budget, friends’ recommendations and accessories. Used Premium Road Bikes by TheRacery can help you buy a bike within your budget. Find more information about travel bikes at
Reach to the experts to get information on the frame geometry, materials and components.

Why Do We Need A Road-Bike?
Road bikes have moved far beyond just commuting, mountaineering and touring. The feature of the bike has given it the versatility to be used for varied purposes. Road bikes are a lot lighter in terms of frame, components and wheels. It comes with a drop handlebar and a flat bar just like any other mountain bike. The wheels are narrower and there is front form made of carbon fiber. There is no suspension in the front or rear. It is available for both men and women. Depending on your body type you can get the right size.

Functions of the road bike
The bike is meant for fitness freaks, competition riders and event riders. These are specifically designed for paved paths and cannot operate over unpaved surfaces. The riders can move faster than other bikers with road bikes. The bikes are ideal for those who travel all day long, particularly for touring purposes. But it is not designed to carry loads are there are no rack attachments that are normally found on commuting and touring bikes. This does not mean that these are not suitable for commuting; you can carry a backpack if you are planning on travelling long distances.

Frame Design Of The Road-Bike
Not all road bikes are the same despite their looks. There may be difference in the frame design. Most bikes are meant for recreational purposes and hence the frame geometry matches the requirement. These bikes are meant for 20 to 150 mile drive in a week. These are ideal for long drives. The upright riding position and the steering is designed to deliver a relaxed ride.

The competitive riders prefer race geometry. It gives the rider the full scope for flexibility and allows the rider to stretch to improve the aerodynamics. Moreover this type of frame geometry is suitable for steering input. Most racers prefer stiff frames, expensive components and light wheels. These features come at a steep price. Flat bar is advisable for sports bike as it give an upright riding position. It is popular for commuting as well. These bikes are fitted with mid-level components.

Frames For The Road Bike
There are two types of frame choices, aluminum and carbon fiber. The aluminum frames offer a smooth riding experience and is less expensive. These come with a front fork that absorbs the vibration on the road enhancing the riding quality. Carbon fiber frames are vibration free and comfortable but expensive.

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