The Secret Desires Of Male Homo Sapiens


When Adam and Eve first arrived on the Garden of Eden an atmosphere with gaps in understanding and communication was created. The daughters of Eve and sons of Adam haven’t actually been able to bridge those gaps in understanding so far. If anything, that lack of understanding has increased manifold. Often men and women fail to express themselves to the opposite sex during courtship. During turbulent times in a relationship this lack of ability to express oneself thoroughly and understand the other person’s exact feelings makes matters worse.

Men and Women have managed to create vehicles that can take them to the moon, space and other planets in the solar system. They have landed on the moon. They have gone to space. They have found traces of life on Mars. However, the seemingly simpler task of substantially and thoroughly understanding their complimentary being is yet to be accomplished.

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. At least that is how the saying goes. However, both of these genders have been breathing and breeding on planet Earth since time immemorial. They have countless hours in the company of each other. Yet the confusion regarding our opposite numbers persists. Doubtless is the fact that men and women differ from each other in various aspects.

A man wants to be the protector. He wants to be respected and adored. Being loved is important to him. But most men, if given a choice between being respected and being loved would choose to be respected. Men like showing off their strength- both physical and mental. If we are to say that a typical man is a lot more egoistical than an average woman it would not be an exaggeration.

So what is it that men really want in life and in relationships? What do men look for in a woman? Wouldn’t life be easier for all ladies if you knew the answers to these questions? Read experts’ articles and get all your confusion sorted out at one of the leading websites on relationship issues with articles from many relationship experts.

It is important to understand that men are usually a lot more impulsive. Women are usually full of love and care and their actions are determined with these factors as the core reasons. She wants to give love and care and receive love in return. She always expects relationships to last for a lifetime. This implies that a woman wants to fall in love with a dependable man and then take things forward.

On a strong contrary, men get into a relationship with the woman’s outwardly quality such as beauty and intellect as the core reasons. Their principal focus is to have fun and enjoy life. True love for them comes after knowing that their lady has made life interesting for them. It is then that men truly start caring. So, ladies would be much better positioned if they were to let their men enjoy and respect them. Love and care from the man would follow.

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