Concrete Sealer Information And Guidelines

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The variation and options are many when it comes to concrete sealer and choosing the right product remains a challenge. Sealers are used for waterproofing applications and are available in cement base. Sealers can be divided into four categories based on the technologies. It is called acrylic, epoxy coating, polyurethane and polyaspartics. Each have a specific characteristic and can make an ideal choice for concrete surfaces. The sealers are available in water base or solvent formulations. Water base comes with lower VOC content and hence is safe to use. Driveway Sealer Perth services offer a wide range of concrete sealers to choose from. The information on VOC content range is provided at

Understanding the attributes can play a pivotal role in getting the right concrete for your home or office. The applications can be interior or exterior and can include polyurethanes, epoxies or acrylics. For polished flooring it is advised to pick the polyaspartics that comes with a sheen. The polyasparatics is clean and comes in colors as well. It is especially suitable for decorative purposes. The hardest coating available in the market can be cured in just 2 hours. The polyurethane is most popular choice and is environment friendly. It is harder when compared to acrylic sealers and offers thicker mileage. The maintenance is low as it comes with 60% solids so there are no chances of slip and falls.

The sealers offer best protection from water, oil and chemicals. The interior floors like spray textures, dye, stains, stamp overlays or other decorative applications cannot do without sealer. It offers UV protection and the colors do not fade away easily. This has made polyurethane the ideal choice especially for garage floors. Epoxy sealers offer a thick coat and the best protection from abrasion, gauaging and scratching. It is used on the garage floor, hospitals, hotel lobbies and also high traffic areas where there is wear and tear. It offers a thick protection to protect from UV radiation.

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